Why Use SAE?

  • Peace of Mind: Your peace of mind breaks down to three simple words on our end: Service, Quality, and On-time Delivery. These three words are not just rhetoric at SAE Circuits, but our basis for manufacturing. We understand that unparalleled service to our customers is what keeps us apart. This is reflected in the Key Supplier awards we receive from our customers on an annual basis.
  • UL APPROVED ON: – ISOLA FR406, IS415, FR408, FR408HR, 370HR, ROGERS 4350B, GETEK, NELCO 4105-29, GRACE, VENTEK.
  • We will do our utmost to support your requirements, no matter how large or small. Our engineers will work directly with your designers on challenging or out-of-the-ordinary designs and projects. 
  • We always have a live person on call to answer your questions until 5pm, and we can track your job for a current status if needed. This allows us the luxury of moving up your job in production if your delivery requirements have changed.
  • We can get you out of a Jam. – Let us be your back-up insurance policy. Even if you have a favorite and don’t want to have us as you main supplier, keep us in mind. Floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, the Chinese New Year, and other unplanned events can have an effect on your supply chain. We can be your back-up.
  • Toll Free 1-800-234-9001 – Call us toll free anytime with your concerns.
  • The extra step: Suggestions and Solutions – We will take the extra step to provide you with the utmost service. When stuck during design, you can feel free to contact our experienced engineering staff for suggestions and/or solutions to your quandary. Let our experience work for you.
  • New IPC-6018 compliance We are compliant to the new IPC-6018C Standard for High Frequency (Microwave) Printed Boards

For more information on our products and services, contact us  or request a quote.