PCB Capabilities

You’ve designed a circuit board that’s part of something innovative. Now, you need a PCB manufacturer who can replicate your design exactly. At SAE Circuits, we can not only print circuit boards to match your drawings, we can help you refine them so that they perform even better.

Surfaces & Materials

We offer a wide range of surface finishes for circuit boards, including:

Our engineers can provide guidance if you’re unsure which surface finish or substrate is best for your design. If you’re in Colorado, you can meet face-to-face with our engineers at our facility in Boulder.

  • 10-day standard lead times
  • 24 hour to 7-day quickturns
  • Up to 24 layers

PCB Components & Special Features

We take your designs and turn them into reality. At our facility, we print circuit boards with all types of features, including:

Services for PCB Assemblies

We offer a range of value-added services, including:


SAE Capability Matrix & Technology Roadmap 03-18-16

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