White paper by Steve Hodge

and Stelios Androulidakis

SAE Circuits Colorado, Inc.

When quoting a printed circuit board, there is certain information needed for accuracy. We appreciate opportunities and will do our best to get things right. We custom manufacture boards and RF antennas, and we see a very wide range of requirements and intricacies in new designs. More detailed information is always better than a lack of information. (Blow up diagrams in a print, detailing special areas that require attention, are ideal.)

Some requests do not include all the information needed to perform a valid quote the first time. Below are some suggestions:

  • The very least needed for an accurate quote: Gerber files with an NC drill file included.
  • RoHS or Non-RoHS? Also include the desired pad finish. i.e. ENIG, Immersion Silver, lead free HASL etc.
  • Do you want your boards in an array or single? If in an array, do you prefer rout and retain separation, or scoring?
  • Fab notes that include desired copper weight , solder mask color, silk screen color and overall thickness.
  • Are there any other special requirements? (Special materials, peelable soldermask, controlled impedance circuitry (do you want impedance tested), etc.)

For the best possible accuracy, it is best to:

  • have a complete drawing with fab notes
  • nice to have an array drawing if matching an existing stencil or components over the edge
  • It also is important to include the required volume and delivery.


In short, it is best to leave out all the speculation on our end. Tell us what you really want and we will respond more quickly and accurately. Parts that come in for quote lacking this information will be quoted using SAE Circuits Colorado’s “Default Manufacturing Specifications”, which can be found on our webpage at www.saecircuits.com under Technical Resources.


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